Ready for reuse

Investing in high-end packaging solutions provides you with peace of mind that the equipment or components will be safely transported. The inherent robustness of HQ Pack’s solutions means they can be cleaned, repaired where necessary, recertified and reused. With a full service return flow for reusable packaging, including collections using our own vehicles, HQ Pack ensures a significant return on the customer's investment.

Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

To ensure the right packaging solution is always on hand, customers can outsource their stock management to HQ Pack. This includes loose packaging products, such as cardboard boxes and cleanroom foils, right up to fully-constructed packaging, such as flight cases or plastic transport packaging (both new and reusable). We ensure your important, business-critical packaging is always available right on time.

Information at your fingertips

To easily know where a package is at any given time and its status, HQ Pack scans and logs all these details into our customer service portal. The system also provides important management information as part of the return packaging service, such as the turnover speed, service life and the costs. As a result, our customers always have easy access to accurate up-to-date information.

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