Ensuring extremely sensitive or fragile products and components arrive in pristine condition, when being moved from one location to another, increasingly requires tailored high-end packaging solutions. That can mean making minor changes to a tried and tested option, or designing a new fully-customised solution. Our team of experienced and creative experts can help solve every imaginable packaging and transport problem.

A modular approach

In today’s high-tech industries, equipment often needs to be transported from one ultra-clean environment to another. Therefore, the packaging solutions need to provide the right level of protection and cleanliness, regardless of whether the products are being loaded onto a plane or moved into position in a cleanroom. HQ Pack understands the different environmental conditions and handling requirements, so we design our packaging solutions to be easily built up and peeled back. By having our production in-house, we also understand the practical limitations and real-world restrictions.

Hands-on circularity

The HQ Pack engineers strive to see how they can balance the right protection level with the reuse of materials. For example, when designing a foam layer, enabling the product to be easily removed without damaging the foam allows a foam insert to be reused multiple times. This not only reduces the amount of waste material, but also provides a significant added value in terms of the cost.

Packaging to meet specifications

Based on specific customer protection requirements in relation to shock, vibration, thermal insulation, cleanliness, ESD and moisture, HQ Pack creates the optimal packaging solutions for every situation. Using advanced 3D software, our engineers can develop entire packaging solutions based on key customer requirements. This takes place regardless of whether the packaging is for individual, fragile components and sub-assemblies, or the packing and transportation of an entire machine.

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