Depending on individual customer requirements, our cleaning services can range from simply being cleaned and covered in a dust-free cover or bag, to the complete preparation and assembly of packaging solutions in state-of-the-art and fully equipped ISO 7 to ISO 5 rated cleanrooms to minimize contamination.

Spotless cleaning

Whether it is high-tech products or reusable packaging, HQ Pack can ensure a spotless result. Both dry (ionized compressed air or isopropyl alcohol) and wet (ultrasonic baths) cleaning options are available, with every product and packaging checked for residual particles by means of UV light and/or bright light. To prevent extremely sensitive products from being affected by outgassing, thermal cleaning (bake-out) in high/low vacuum is also an option.

Composite cleanroom packaging

In addition to cleaning, within HQ Pack’s advanced and fully equipped cleanrooms we assemble high-quality composite packaging solutions. They can combine various materials including metal and plastic into complex high-end solutions. For example, clean transport assemblies for optical equipment or HQ Pack’s membrane box - a smart, effective solution for cleanroom-compatible packaging to transport high-quality, fragile products.

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