At HQ Pack, we ensure complete systems, sensitive and vulnerable components can be transported safely from one location to another. We proactively bring flexibility and reliability to meet our customer demands, while also enjoying the work we do. While, taking care of the entire process. we ensure everything we do and touch is focused on providing the most reliable shipment solution possible, in the most responsible way.

A local approach with a global footprint

The majority of our customers operate on a global scale, so HQ Pack has locations in three key regions. Our head office and main production facilities are in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. To offer local support and servicing we have a facility in Johor, Malaysia and three facilities in the United States of Amerika: Brookfield (CT), Newark (CA) and San Diego (CA). Each location applies the same standards, works with the same materials and machines, and uses the same techniques. So wherever in the world you place your order, you are assured of the same high quality.

Everything under one roof

To meet all the exacting specifications, quality requirements and services our customers demand, HQ Pack has all the design, production and services needed all under one roof. That ensures we can manage the complete process, including the material supply chains and quality control. To do this effectively and efficiently, HQ Pack Global includes a number of sister companies that can offer additional niche services.

Our Mission

We create to protect. We work so that your technology can safely move from one point in the world to another in a responsible way, living up to our core values of flexibility, reliability, proactivity and enjoyment.

Our Vision

To responsibly create an environment where, as the most ambitious high-tech packaging and global service provider, we can grow further without compromising our core values.

In partnership with our valued customer, our respected suppliers and partners and every HQ Group member across the globe, we deliver high-quality (packaging) solutions to ensure the safe and clean movement of your valuable and fragile industrial and technical products and parts. We cover the complete lifecycle trajectory, from the design to production and from (re)cleaning to reuse, all realised by state-of-the-art in-house cleanroom facilities. We service our customers by maintaining, storing and distributing packaging anywhere in the world – and on top of this, we support the re-use of packaging and/or components.

Everything we do and touch is focused on providing the most reliable shipment solution possible, while doing this in a responsible way.