Our mission is to ensure sensitive and vulnerable components and complete systems can be transported safely from one location to another. Proactively bringing flexibility and reliability to meet customer demands, while also enjoying the work we do. Taking care of the entire process and ensuring everything we do and touch is focused on providing the most reliable shipment solution possible in the most responsible way.

A local approach with a global footprint

The majority of our customers operate on a global scale, so HQ Pack also has locations in the three key regions. Our head office and main production facilities are in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Offering local support and servicing we have facilities in Johor, Malaysia and Fremont (CA), United States of America. Each location applies the same standards, works with the same materials and machines, and uses the same techniques. So wherever in the world you order, you are assured of the same high quality.

Everything under one roof

To meet all the exacting specifications, quality requirements and services our customers’ demand, HQ Pack has all the design, production and services needed all under on roof. That ensures we can manage the complete process including material supply chains and quality. To do this effectively and efficiently, HQ Pack Global also includes a number of sister companies that can offer additional niche services.

HQ Pack Headquaters

Hurksestraat 15
5652 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 40 266 14 14
Email: info@hqpack.nl
HQ Pack Malaysia

No 33, Jalan i-Park 1/3
Kawasan Perindustrian i-Park
81000 Kulaijaya,
Bandar Indahpura
Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +60 7660 7878
Email: info@hqpack.com.my
HQ Pack Inc. (CA)

8668b Thornton Ave, Building B
Newark, California 94560
United States of America

Tel: +1 408 532 5977
Email: info@hqpack.nl
HQ Pack Inc. (CT)

7 Francis J. Clarke Circle, STE.5
Bethel, Connecticut 06801
United States of America

Tel: +1 475 289 3090